FrontPanel API  5.2.12
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okTFPGAResetProfile Struct Reference

Describes the sequence of events to perform after an FPGA configuration. More...

Public Attributes

UINT32 magic
 Magic number indicating the profile is valid. (4 byte = 0xBE097C3D)
UINT32 configFileLocation
 Location of the configuration file (Flash boot). (4 bytes)
UINT32 configFileLength
 Length of the configuration file. (4 bytes)
UINT32 doneWaitUS
 Number of microseconds to wait after DONE goes high before starting the reset profile. (4 bytes)
UINT32 resetWaitUS
 Number of microseconds to wait after wires are updated before deasserting logic RESET. (4 bytes)
UINT32 registerWaitUS
 Number of microseconds to wait after RESET is deasserted before loading registers. (4 bytes)
UINT32 padBytes1 [28]
 Reserved (112 bytes)
UINT32 wireInValues [32]
 Initial values of WireIns. These are loaded prior to deasserting logic RESET. (32*4 = 128 bytes)
UINT32 registerEntryCount
 Number of valid Register Entries (4 bytes)
okTRegisterEntry registerEntries [256]
 Initial register loads. (256*8 = 2048 bytes)
UINT32 triggerEntryCount
 Number of valid Trigger Entries (4 bytes)
okTTriggerEntry triggerEntries [32]
 Initial trigger assertions. These are performed last. (32*8 = 256 bytes)
UINT8 padBytes2 [1520]
 Reserved (1520 bytes)

Detailed Description

This structure defines the parameters of an FPGA reset profile.

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