FrontPanel API  5.3.1
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okTTriggerEntry Struct Reference

Describes a single trigger entry in a reset profile. More...

Public Attributes

UINT32 address
 Trigger address.
UINT32 mask
 Trigger mask (1 for each trigger bit to be asserted)

Detailed Description

Defines a single trigger assertion for use in a Reset Profile. For example, the following code would setup a ResetProfile to trigger 0x40 / bit 0 and then subsequently trigger 0x43 / bits 1 & 3.

okTResetProfile profile;
profile.triggerEntries[0].address = 0x40;
profile.triggerEntries[0].mask = 0x00000001;
profile.triggerEntries[1].address = 0x43;
profile.triggerEntries[1].mask = 0x0000000C;
profile.triggerEntryCount = 2;

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