FrontPanel API  5.2.12
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okTDeviceSensor Struct Reference

Describes a single device sensor reading. More...

Public Attributes

okEDeviceSensorType type
 Sensor type (e.g. okDEVICESENSOR_VOLTAGE)
 NULL-terminated sensor name up to OK_MAX_DEVICE_SENSOR_NAME_LENGTH.
 NULL-terminated sensor description up to OK_MAX_DEVICE_SENSOR_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH.
double min
 Minimum reading (for applicable sensors)
double max
 Maximum reading (for applicable sensors)
double step
 Step size, indicating sensor resolution.
double value
 Sensor value.

Detailed Description

This structure encapsulates a single Device Sensor reading. Each time sensors are captured, all such sensor readings are available in the okCDeviceSensors class.

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