FrontPanel API  5.2.12

Methods of okCFrontPanel related to device enumeration as well as OpenBySerial are now deprecated and, while they continue to work, shouldn't be used in the new code which should use the new OpalKelly::FrontPanelDevices class instead.

For example, the old style code to open the first connected device:

if (xem->OpenBySerial() != okCFrontPanel::NoError) {
... handle the error ...
delete xem;
... use the device, e.g. call xem->ConfigureFPGA() ...
delete xem;
This class encapsulates the functionality of an Opal Kelly FrontPanel-enabled device including FPGA c...
Definition: okCFrontPanel.h:274
ErrorCode ConfigureFPGA(const std::string strFilename, void(*callback)(int, int, void *)=NULL, void *arg=NULL)
Download an FPGA configuration from a file.
Definition: okCFrontPanel_Config.cpp:40
ErrorCode OpenBySerial(std::string str="")
Opens the specified device by serial number.
Definition: okCFrontPanel.cpp:621

can be replaced with

if (!xem) {
... handle the error ...
... use the device, e.g. call xem->ConfigureFPGA() ...
Allows to iterate over and open all devices available in the given realm.
Definition: okFrontPanel.dox:171
FrontPanelPtr Open(const std::string &serial=std::string()) const
std::auto_ptr< okCFrontPanel > FrontPanelPtr
Typedef for a smart pointer to okCFrontPanel.
Definition: okFrontPanel.dox:140

Notice that there is no need to explicitly call

delete xem

any more and that it is also possible to work with remote devices, via FPOIP, when using the new API, while the old API is limited to local devices only.

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